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Groove Digital helps businesses grow by creating an intimate partnership where the focus is on leads, sales and revenue! Based on knowledge and technology, we have developed a system that can also make your business grow like a cabbage. Guaranteed!
Dear Entrepreneur,

I am Rens Hageman, founder and CEO of Groove Digital.

Groove Digital is a company founded to help companies grow.

Business growth is therefore the big driving force of me and my team that motivates us to give our all every day.

Not only business growth for Groove Digital, but especially business growth for our partners.

Within Groove, we work like a machine to achieve the ambitious goals we have set together with our partners.

I say "partners," because we see a collaboration with our customers as a partnership.

In a partnership, all partners work with 100% commitment to a common goal.

And that's how it should be.

Compare a partnership to a marriage...

A successful marriage comes from 100% commitment from both people.

If either person decides to give 50%, while the other gives 100%, then it grows lopsided.

In other words...

Then the marriage is doomed to fail!

With that thought in mind, we at Groove Digital enter into partnerships with our partners.


Good to finally be here!

The fact that you're reading this right now is testament to the fact that you're willing to give that 100% commitment.

And that you're ambitious and driven to take your business to the next level.

Partnering with Groove Digital is going to turn that dream into your new reality.

So while you're here...

Let's turn the tables!

You landed on this website because you're hungry for business growth.

Not to hear my story.

You're here to put something in motion for your business.

To finally make your business go through the roof!

That's why I'd like to know more about you!


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Meet the team

This team is committed to the best results every day.

Rens Hageman
CEO & Co-Founder
Amsterdam, Netherlands
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Annelie Flims
Amsterdam, Netherlands
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Niels Troost
Amsterdam, Netherlands
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Mo Sahardid
SEO Specialist
Amsterdam, Netherlands
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Devin Petersen
Media Buyer Manager
Cape Town, South Africa
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Tico Vermeer
Project Officer Development
Amsterdam, Netherlands
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Stan Kuilboer
Advertising Specialist
Amsterdam, Netherlands
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Tiemen Hageman
Nijmegen, Netherlands
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