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Advertising on Instagram: new feature

A new option may soon be added to the advertising settings on Instagram. This would allow advertisers and business owners to send automated messages to their potential or existing customers.

Advertising on Instagram, this new feature is coming soon

Instagram is one of the go-to channels for many brands and advertisers when it comes to reaching their target audience. In the social app, the targeting for the ads can now be set as detailed as on Facebook. Different advertising targets can be selected. Learn step-by-step how to set up an Instagram campaign. For example, the following advertising targets are available: "More profile views", "More website visits" or "More news". Instagram is currently working on an extension for the last advertising target.

Social media expert Alessandro Paluzzi shares his discovery on Twitter.

On his screenshot, you can see that he has a new option to choose from in the ad target setup for his ads. He can turn on "Automated replies". This means that for ads with the ad target "More messages", advertisers can now insert an automated message for all users who want to start a conversation.

Addition to start conversations

Advertisements aimed at encouraging potential customers to engage in conversation are popular when it comes to offering services.

This is what Meta explains in the help section for businesses;

If you choose this goal, people will be sent to a chat with your company account after tapping on the ads you create. This is the best option if you offer services and want to encourage potential customers to send you messages about requests, appointments or consultations.

The automated response option that Paluzzi discovered has not yet been implemented. 

But should Instagram decide to officially incorporate the test, it should be a useful addition for many ads on Instagram.

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