Be found better in Google with Technical SEO

Technical SEO is the basis of a good site. You don't have to love it, but you do have to know it. Here's a handy guide to getting better with Tech SEO.

Do you have a brand new site, do you regularly write web content, but do you notice that your content is not being read? In most cases, the cause is 70% in content and 30% in technology. Good content without technological support remains unread. Technical SEO is the basis of a good site. Content is the oxygen and technical SEO is the backbone, without both a website cannot survive. You don't have to love it, but you do have to know it.

"With website performance score, indexing and ON-page seo, with heavy tech SEOs I see an overlap with webdev, UI/UX. But what exactly is Technical SEO?"

Technical SEO: Importance in Search Engines

Technical SEO is about uncovering inefficiencies that a site's web pages have in being crawled, rendered, indexed and ranked. SEO is a complex discipline, no user or search engine will look at a site from just one perspective - they want great content on fast pages, for example - a holistic approach is the best approach. Good content without technological support will remain unread in the same way pages with little or poor content will not be ranked.

Good content without technological support remains unread, in the same way; pages with little or bad content are not ranked.

My philosophy on WordPress sites

Google tends to treat WP sites *generally* well. But as a site grows, technical negligence can pile up, giving search engines mixed signals.

Counting seconds, for technical SEO

A high percentage of mobile users bounce and choose an alternative search result if a page takes longer than 3 seconds to load on average. Research shows that the bounce-rate can increase by 32% for pages with an average loading speed of 3 seconds - optimising images, css & JS file sizes can be the difference between a bounce, and a conversion.

A Lighthouse report in Chrome DevTools

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Google will find and crawl your site. 

A sitemap is a map of your website. A sitemap tells Google which pages are important on your site. It can also speed up Google's discovery process. It usually takes 1 - 2 weeks to update the search index. 

Divide your sitemap into multiple sitemaps Tools such as Rankmath and Yoast can generate the sitemap for the WordPress part of your site, and you may find another sitemap generator for the other part.

Make text and content more readable and understandable

Content is the commodity that bots and users are after. Readable content is information without technical jargon and full of short simple sentences. By also using H1, H2, H3 heading tags you not only make a page more organized and enjoyable, but visitors also stay longer on the website.

H1-H2-H3-Heading-Tags - Groove Digital

How do you feel about Javascript?

I hear you, I feel you... are e.g. JavaScript files being blocked in your latest report. If so, investigate what is being blocked and why?
Here are 6 easy steps to solve JavaScript problems with free Google Tool GSC.

  1. URL Inspection Tool
  2. Check blocked JS files
  3. URL inspection: More info
  4. Checking indexation
  5. Internal link discovery
  6. Checking hidden content

Endless Scrolling or Paginination

Pagination is a way of organizing information into different pages on a website. Users can navigate between these pages by clicking 'next' or 'back'. A web design technique whereby, when the user scrolls down the page, more content is automatically and continuously loaded at the bottom of the page, so that the user does not have to click to get to the next page.

The best thing for accessibility is pagination, but as a visual user I prefer infinite scrolling. Pagination is still often used because searchers prefer to see a whole article or a list of categories on one page, as long as it loads quickly and is easy to navigate.

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