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Use Canonical Meta tag for your webshop + Tools

In this post we cover Magento 2 SEO: Default Settings for URL paths, canonical tags - FAQS and more.

Working for a large eCommerce client for the last few months inspired me to write this piece :-). I'll talk about how we prevent Magento from generating duplicate content for the same product.

Below are some of the FAQs we will cover:

  • Where should I put the canonical code?
  • Is it a good idea to put a canonical tag of the *original product page* on your affiliate site?
  • When you have multiple websites selling the same product - does Google prefer a noindex tag or a canonical tag?

'Duplicate content' is one of the most common SEO pitfalls many e-commerce sites face. Web pages are considered duplicates if their content is 85% identical. Having 'duplicate content' can negatively affect SEO.

Search engine algorithms are able to detect the websites that have multiple URLs pointing to the same information and penalize them. Google removes URLs from the index because of duplication.

I get it, you guys are not e-commerce platform experts and you shouldn't even have to be. Your job is to be an expert in what your company does. Magento does not use canonical tag by default.

5 Reasons that make Magento 2 popular

  1. If you are in a controversial or high-risk industry, Magento is flexible.
  2. Some cases you have to have a lot of control, like in the pharmaceutical industry, having your own tech stack or servers is very important.
  3. B2B custom user experiences.
  4. Flexibility and scalability for empire building. World domination!
  5. More functionality.

Magento is often considered a challenging eCommerce platform though, especially in terms of SEO. 


It is quite possible that when setting up your online store, the developer created several pages for the same purpose

Look at the following URL: 






Gebruik canonical URL om dubbele content te voorkomen <head> <link rel="canonical" href="" />  </head>

These types of URL paths are default settings in Magento. You should adjust them whenever possible. Go to Stores > Configuration > General and click on the Web tab.

The canonical tag should be used for pages that are exact duplicates so that search engines know which one to use/index within the search engine.

Looking to create SEO-friendly URLs for products? This article provides the very best information.

canonical tag - groove-digital

You can also use the canonical tag to tell search engines what the best version of a page or post is. 

illustration of how canonical tag works

When Google thinks you are deliberately applying seo tricks.

Google shows only one duplicate page, filtering out all other landing pages from the index and search results; you have no choice which one is ranked. In some cases 'duplicate content' can be seen as manipulating search results, resulting in your website being downgraded or even banned.

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Solution to most issues

There can be many problems in your websites that you need to figure out and get rid of. One is that different URLs lead to the same page or there is duplicate content on different URLs.

Here are a few ways to solve problems with duplicate content:

  • Add a rel="canonical" link to one of your duplicate pages to inform. search engines which page to show in search results.
  • Use a 301 redirect from a duplicate page to the original page.
  • Use a rel="next" and a rel="prev" link attribute to resolve duplicate pagination.
  • Instruct GoogleBot to treat URL parameters differently with Google Search Console.
  • Provide unique content on the web page
  • For more information, read these articles, "Duplicate content" and "Consolidating duplicate URLs."

Canonical tag enable Magento 2

When it comes to Magento stores , we usually use the canonical tag. It solves many of the duplicate content issues.

Useful links

For those sellers who want to SEO optimize their Magento 2 websites, this resource created by Amasty seems to be a good starting point.


Where should I put the canonical code?

Rel=canonical mag alleen in de <head> van een document staan. Een canonieke tag in de <body> sectie van een pagina zal worden genegeerd.

When you have multiple sites selling the same product - does Google prefer a noindex tag or a canonical one? The same information on both sites.

If you own both domains, you need to think about which website you want to give more authority. You can then reference those with the canonical tag. Furthermore, it doesn't hurt to write a slightly different product information for the products.

But what if you have pages you want indexed, but they are marked as duplicates?

Depending on your URL structure, this could happen with product pages, for example. Use the canonical tag

I hope the article was helpful to you! Wish you good luck with your Magento 2 SEO strategy. If you have any questions, feel free to ask:

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