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By reusing old content and putting a new spin on it, you can make your website rank higher in search results.

There is a strategy that will help you skyrocket those rankings without much extra work. Yes, you could keep writing and producing more content. But this is complicated and takes a lot of time.

You don't have to create new content all the time.

Instead, you can update your old content. It takes less work and produces faster results.

Inbound marketing tactics attract customers through content. This means that your website is less a means of showing how great your business is and more a way to Help prospects find solutions for their problems. 

Old content can still attract traffic

This illustration from Moz shows how your original content gradually becomes less and less "fresh," which is one of the factors Google uses to determine the quality of your site.


To make the most of your SEO efforts and attract more traffic to you, you can easily update your old content and give yourself an improved freshness score.

When you tell Google that your content is new, you get a spike in new traffic making the small amount of work required worthwhile.

There are many benefits to updating your content. Here are a few:

1. Click-worthy meta titles

If you do a Google search for just about any term, you'll quickly notice that the top results were usually published in the past year or so.

For example, a search for "best SEO strategies" on Google brings up these results:

The truth is that for many topics, including SEO, times change quickly. Information that was correct a few months ago can now be completely different.

But this doesn't just apply to topics like SEO, let's take running shoes as an example. Wouldn't you rather have a market survey from the past six months than one from 2021?

People are more likely to click on articles that have been recently published, and that means that the click-through rate of an article you publish will increase when you update it.

Here's how you can increase the organic CTR (click-through rate) of your website

  • Write attractive titles.
  • Relevant description.
  • Write descriptive URLs.

According to Wordstream, you can create click-worthy meta titles by using a bit of secrecy while making the point clear.

2. Better score a few updates

You that the quality of your website as a whole is high, not just the new pages you create now or in the future. Google gives higher priority to sites that update their content regularly.

This is one of the reasons why abandoned sites do not score well after a few years, even for topics that would have been very useful at the beginning.

If Google notices that your site is not updated recently, it will hurt the ranking of all the pages on your site.

A few updates to important articles can show Google that your entire site is still valid.

3. Content audit

Conduct a content audit and delete any content that is not performing well. It's funny how people want a good content marketing strategy without a content audit. How do you know what solution to prescribe without a diagnosis? Content audit is the first step to a successful content marketing campaign.

4. Remove Broken Links

One of the most frustrating parts of old content is finding broken links. Often the useful resources that were linked to in the article are no longer available. Perhaps the website has closed, or the URL has changed. Either way, it hurts your ranking on Google and pushes you further down on the search engine results page. Fortunately, fixing your broken links is not very difficult.

To do this, I recommend several free tools. For example, Broken Link Checker.

Go there and type in the URL of your domain. Then click on "Find broken links."

5. Give your website a facelift

Ultimately, every Google update is about one thing only: improving the user experience. If your site is designed for a great user experience, you will manage to withstand Google's frequent algorithm changes and the constant refinement of their ranking factors. You can better tailor your content to the needs of your visitors by updating it with new information or up-to-date content.

6. Link to newer, better sources

Linking to Newer, Better Sources When you improve your old content, you can also add new links to better sources.


If you are looking for a way to improve your SEO, then updating your old content is the perfect solution. This is the perfect way to increase the traffic your website gets from search engines, and it's guaranteed to make a huge improvement in how well your content ranks.


Start creating new content to add to the old articles. Add new sources, clean up any broken links on your site, and add multimedia.

Also, work to improve the timeliness of your content and make sure it is up-to-date with the most recent and critical information.

After you've refreshed your content, make sure it meets the latest requirements of Google's algorithm updates.

Extend the reach of the article by reusing it for different types of media, and even consider changing the keywords for which it is optimized.

After you've updated your content, it's time to share it again. Try to promote it the same way you did before, by showing the new value to both readers and fans.

With this complete set of updates to your old content, you are ready to create a powerhouse of search engine enhancement for all the older pieces you had forgotten about.


How soon should I update the article content to maintain the keyword rank?

Six months is recommended.

Is the weight of a backlink the same if I create new content and give it to a blog?

It depends on the authority and relevance of the blog linking to you.

How will you update your old content to help with your rankings?

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