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Nice metaphor from our Software Engineer in Training

As an Engineer, I write code just like a Software Developer, but that's not where it ends for an Engineer!

A Software Engineer has his foot in the entire development process of an application.

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As an Engineer I am just like a Software Developer occupied with writing code, but for an Engineer it does not stop there.

The rest of the development is also part of my job.

Think for example of:

  • Study the interests of the customer and target group
  • Convert this into an idea
  • Putting this idea into action and developing it
  • Software testing
  • Providing the right documentation for the client, developers who develop it further and of course for those who use the product
  • Keeping the software up to date

For a Software Engineer, it is therefore about the whole picture in order to achieve the best possible result.

"Software must do exactly what it is written for, otherwise it is like shoes that give you blisters. You can live with it for a while, but it's still awful".

Software must do exactly what it is written to do, otherwise it is like shoes that give you blisters. You can live with it for a while, but it's still awful. Even if you want to do different or new things, the software will be adapted to that or supplemented. It's like buying sports shoes in addition to your everyday shoes, but instead of going to the shoe shop you knock on the Software Engineer's door.

Tico Vermeer

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