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TikTok and E-Commerce: Four Tricks to Drive Sales and Conversion Rates

Guest post by CyberNews on our blog, unveiling effective TikTok e-commerce strategies to supercharge your sales and conversions!

TikTok and E-Commerce: Four Tricks to Drive Sales and Conversion Rates

This era is the TikTok era, there's no denying that. 

When it debuted in 2016, TikTok quickly changed the social media landscape, capturing the attention of users across the world. Since then, it has accumulated amazing accomplishments, such as 3 billion downloads and 672 million downloads in 2022 only; additionally, it currently boasts 50 million daily active users.

As it's quite clear that TikTok is here to stay, businesses are starting to take advantage of its potential for marketing. Read on to learn these trending tactics businesses can use not just to drive sales but also conversion rates.

The Power of TikTok and E-commerce

Navigating through the TikTok universe is not as easy as it may seem. To truly make an impact, content should be intriguing and entertaining yet still informative about products or services. This has the potential to build relationships with customers who gain trust in a brand by seeing visually captivating posts from representatives. 

Additionally, for optimal e-commerce success, it's important to focus on reaching out to existing followers through live streams, video shots, or fun filters. The more interactive and relatable your page is, the more it breaks down barriers between businesses and consumers – allowing them to communicate directly with one another and increasing sales or conversion rates for online stores via direct purchase in a post’s description box or profile bio. 

Trick One – Use the ‘Yellow Basket’ Feature 

It is no surprise that in today’s day and age, mobile phones are taking precedence in short-form content consumption and data-driven marketing campaigns. This makes the ‘Yellow Basket’ feature within TikTok a powerful tool for online retailers to skyrocket sales, improving conversion rates for their e-commerce stores. 

Companies can redirect viewers directly to the checkout page instead of having numerous steps before purchasing.

By using advertising campaigns accompanied by the Yellow Basket feature, companies can create and customize carousels and add collections featuring items such as relevant apparel, electronic gadgets, or other appealing offers. This, coupled with creatives that have a strong call to action, will increase the likelihood of shoppers making purchases on your website. 

Trick Two – Run TikTok Ads and Challenges  

Engagement isn't just talking or replying to comments – it's taking action. To get your audience to really galvanize around your brand, you can run ad campaigns utilizing TikTok Ads and Challenges.

Ads on TikTok provide high-quality video creative with engaging end screens that create a visually engaging experience for the viewers. You can target by interests and topics, device type, location, age, and gender, making sure your ads are being targeted at the most pertinent users for conversion rate success.

Metrics such as purchase conversion rate and video completion are key to assessing the success of an ad on TikTok, allowing you to define KPIs for large-scale campaigns. Further influence comes through hashtags, seen in the challenge-driven brand campaigns that go viral, increasing engagement as users have a tangible way to interact with your brand.

Such challenges can grab attention from various avenues like:

  • Video game streams
  • Tutorial implementations
  • Closeup shots showcasing distinct features

This approach can potentially create waves of virality that amplify the product range, leading to increased sales conversions through shareable posts. 

TikTok offers innovative ad formats that vary based on app placements (the names may change as per different operating systems) and objective-based preferences that adjust to unique budget listings or project timelines. 

These ads can streamline sales, emphasizing cost-per-action (CPA) metrics and conversions. However, ensure their applicability to specific items or product categories, and note that their success is contingent on the strategies employed in campaigns over specific periods. 

The advantage of multi-objective campaigns is the high degree of optimization potential, considering controllable variances managed through various creatives available to marketers.

Trick Three – Leverage Influencer Marketing   

Influencer marketing is one strategy businesses have been using for a long time to get brand exposure, and it's just as effective within the world of TikTok. Influencers on the platform have significant reach and can often directly showcase brands in a more engaging way than traditional ads. 

When looking for an influencer to hire, make sure they:

  • Understand the product: It's critical for influencers to represent your products or services authentically for a successful collaboration. 
  • Fit your target demographic: Aligning with influencers who resonate with your intended audience enhances your brand's relevancy and appeal. 
  • Have an established presence: Influencers with a substantial and highly engaged follower base can help generate interest beyond their existing audience. 
  • Align with your brand values: Invest time researching potential influencers to ensure they will effectively represent your brand's message.

In terms of payment, most e-commerce businesses simply offer influencers a free product or service to promote in exchange for an endorsement. However, depending on the influencer you'd like to hire, it may be necessary to provide monetary compensation as well.

X-deals are another great way to engage influencers. Simply provide an affiliate code for them to share with their audience and then use it to track the sales they're driving. This gives influencer marketers a clear reason to collaborate with your business as there’s now a tangible outcome they can measure based on how effective their endorsement was. 

Trick Four – Use Contest and Giveaway Strategies 

Aside from creating exceptional content, running contests and giveaways are also effective in driving sales. This is essentially a form of word-of-mouth marketing where you reward your followers for engaging with your brand on TikTok and to drive sales. This could include:

  • Discounts
  • Gift cards
  • Items they have searched for

This shift from product-centric campaigns to customer-centric ones will make customers feel appreciated, increasing loyalty and higher conversions.   

Once you have formulated the mechanics of the contest/giveaway, it’s time to launch your campaign. To maximize the visibility of the giveaway, you should consider helping it surface by highlighting it on other platforms and incorporating attractive visuals into your content so that consumers are more likely to take notice.

Social media is an excellent tool for driving marketing awareness. Start by leveraging hashtag research (incorporating relevant topics and real-time trends when necessary)  and utilizing insight analytics tools to ensure that posts will boost engagement.

Don’t forget to use the best VPN and check what is trending in other countries to expand your market worldwide. Use that to create relevant content and visuals for the giveaway. 

Finally, use your other marketing channels to boost awareness, like email newsletters, press releases, blog posts, and even influencer collaborations (as discussed above). 

Final Thoughts?

These four strategies are currently the leading tactics used in online e-commerce stores to convert and drive sales. Having a solid understanding of the common user patterns for TikTok can better shape your campaign strategy while providing potential solutions that may bring success in driving conversions.

Staying creative and experimenting with dynamic retention strategies, like quick but powerful short videos or effective giveaways, is also essential.  

By following all of these steps – from creating guerilla campaigns on TikTok to running enticing Ads with relevant creatives – businesses can gain further engagement and product placement visibility on the platform, ultimately driving higher sales conversion rates for their online stores.

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