Rens Hageman
Founder, Designer & Strategist

About Scooter Planet

Scooter Planet is the most complete scooter service of Amsterdam! Not only do they sell and rent out scooters, they also maintain, repair and recycle old and worn out scooters. For maintenance of your scooter you can always contact them.

Also when you have come to a standstill with your scooter, you can count on Scooter Planet. They will pick up your scooter for repair while you continue your journey on a replacement model!

What was the customer demand?

Scooter Planet wanted a new website that would generate more organic website visitors. The wish was to have a WordPress website made with Elementor. In addition, there was a wish to centralise the hosting of these other websites.

What were the objectives?

Goals for the website

  • Revamping the website with an improved URL structure, without losing the accrued SEO value.
  • Adopt and improve all existing pages.
  • Make a good kick-start for SEO with the new website.

Goals for project SEO

  • Structurally increase the number of organic visitors
  • Improve Click Through Rate

How did we proceed?

Our approach is divided into two phases:

  1. The website design & website developmentsection .
  2. The search engine optimisation project.

Project web design

The website could use a facelift. The photo below is a mock-up of the old website.

Old website Scooter Planet

To start with, we have simplified the colour palette. The purple tones were removed and replaced by red (from the logo), white and shades of grey. Furthermore, the website was given a modern and responsive design, making it ready for the future. Also ready for business growth for Scooter Planet.

The new website was made in WordPress with the Elementor pagebuilder. The old Scooter Planet website already consisted of a large number of pages. The content of these pages was transferred 1:1 to WordPress and improved where necessary. In preparing the new website we acted with the SEO project in mind. In order to lay a good foundation, it was important to build in an improved URL structure. We did this by using main pages and sub-pages. When the website went live, we carried out an extensive SEO migration.

SEO Migration

To complete the project for the Scooter Planet website, an SEO migration was carried out. During this process we check if there are differences in the URL of the old website that are indexed by Google, and the urls of the renewed website. If these do not exactly match, a click in Google will lead to a 404 (error) page. This is an unpleasant user experience and is therefore very bad for SEO. By redirecting old URLs to the new URLs with a so-called redirect we managed to prevent this for Scooter Planet.

Search Engine Optimisation Project

With a new website that was already basically good for search engine optimisation, we kick-started the SEO project. We then adopted a structural approach in which we divided the various SEO components and prioritised the necessary activities.

We improved the existing content by including keywords in the text and in the alt-text of images. In addition, Semrush conducted extensive research into which topics offered potential for more organic traffic. Below, we will elaborate on this.

More traffic through content creation

During an extensive keyword research, we discovered that there was a lot of searching on 'from blue to yellow license plate'. However, there was no page on the website that addressed this subject. Together with the owner, we wrote an extensive text on this subject. The results of this action are significant. When people now search for 'from blue to yellow license plate', the Scooter Planet website is #1.

The image below shows how the page hit the nail on the head. The page was published about 7 months ago. In the past 6 months, almost 3400 organic clicks to the page have been achieved by this article.

Successful content creation

The success of our SEO campaign is also reflected in the total number of website visitors. In the light blue box below you can see that in the past 6 months 8,86k organic visitors have visited the Scooter Planet website. This is an increase of %167 compared to the 6 months before!

Upward trend in organic traffic

Top 3 and top 10 positions for keywords

In Semrush, a positon tracking has been set up. This means that the position at which the website is shown per keyword is tracked. For Scooter Planet we have 21 top 3 positions. Research has shown that about %75 of all clicks in Google go to the top 3 rankings.

The top 3 results of Scooter Planet are as follows:

  • Position 1: 6 keywords
  • Position 2: 9 keywords
  • Position 3: 7 keywords

Being in the top 10 means that you will be shown on the first page. Scooter Planet will be shown on the first page of the search results for more than 100 keywords.

Semrush position tracking
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