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With more than 2.7 billion active users, Facebook Ads is the ultimate marketing tool to reach your target audience. Seize this opportunity to achieve large amounts of warm leads and sales with Facebook Ads.

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Breaking: How Not To Advertise On Facebook...

Everyone says, "It has to stand out" and "it has to look professional."

But that's where most advertisers on Facebook and Instagram immediately make a big mistake!

So make this mistake don't!

Now you're probably wondering...

What's he talking about?!?!

The answer is simple.

Don't make ads that look like ads!

Because think about it for yourself...

If you've once again completely lost yourself in the algorithm...

Will it be the ads that grab you by the throat and won't let you go?


's the memes, the cat videos the falling babies and the "satisfaction" videos.

That's the type of content that has our attention today.

And it's that type of content that we all consume, and never get enough of.

So why create ads that look like ads?

We all scroll past that like zombies anyway.

This is serious!

Our brain distinguishes ads from the rest of the content in a split second.

So why put ads that look like ads?

That's the equivalent of swimming against the current of a raging river.

Don't do that.

Swim with the current!

Find out how you, too, can swim with the current in a free strategy call.

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Or such results👇

Do you also want such cheap leads or sales?

Then you know what to do...

See you on the other side. 👇
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Many passionate entrepreneurs went before you.

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So these entrepreneurs took matters into their own hands once and for all...

And stopped sitting around hoping.

Hoping that next client would fall out of the sky.

They made a very conscious and clear choice.

The choice to grow.
Robert van 't Blik

"I prefer to keep this 'Gem' to myself."

Groove gives several super good and fast website services. Rens & Mo are good sparring partners to think along in solutions and new opportunities. They also come up with new possibilities and thus think proactively with you. So I finally found an online services company that is focused on improving and increasing your business/ turnover as a customer instead of producing content and writing hours for their own benefit. I would prefer to keep this 'Gem' to myself, but shared it with the world because they simply deserve it!

Robert van 't Blik
Jesper Arkenbout

"A long-term partnership."

Very short lines, eye for what a company stands for. Certainly not a 'one size fits all'. We are still in the process with our company, but I can say nothing else than that I feel a pleasant cooperation and partnership for the long term is coming ...

Jesper Arkenbout
FT Amsterdam
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