Niels Troost


Niels is co-owner and founder of Groove Digital B.V.

Niels has been a successful entrepreneur for some time now and also plans to take Groove Digital to the next level. With his expertise in face-to-face marketing, he has, in recent years, become more familiar than anyone else with the wonderful world of online marketing. Making your mark online is a requirement in the year 2022, Niels knows better than anyone.

Making customers excel digitally is done by gathering the right people around you. Niels, Annelie and Rens have built a wonderful team that has already helped many organisations to structurally increase their turnover through online marketing.

Performing at your best and feeling good about yourself? It starts at home, Niels often says. By sticking to a proven rhythm, eating healthily and exercising a lot, he knows how to keep a cool head in any situation. Oh yes, don't forget Niels' passion for cars!